Welcome home, truth seeker. Welcome home, curious soul.

White Plants

“As I’m sure many people do, along with my excitement I had some skepticism about this reading. I was expecting it to be vague in a way that anyone could easily apply it to their life. I was definitely surprised at how personal the reading really was. It spoke to my soul and called out dreams that I had never shared with anyone else. After the reading I felt much more confident in my “gut” reactions and trusting Spirit. I loved that I received the recording of the reading, I have gone back and listened to it multiple times when I’m feeling stuck. I would recommend Dana to anyone interested in experiencing a reading!”


White Sand and Stone

"I had the most beautiful past life regression experience with Dana. I was able to connect with a guide that has been with me my whole life. I was able to receive information in such a clear manner. Dana made me feel safe, connected and open to receiving. This experience was unlike anything else I have done before and I have been working and living within the spiritual community for over a decade now. Dana's nurturing and down to Earth approach kept me grounded while I was off in the etheres. I will definitely be working with her again and if you've never had a past life regression, she is your girl. Or even if you have, her experience is unlike any other."